Prestige Security Doors

Prestige Security Doors builds custom screen doors for their clients. They needed a solution that allowed them to track the production of each door from measurements at the client's house, through the multiple steps of the production chain, all the way to the installation and customer follow-up call. But because the network connection isn't always reliable while measuring door openings, they needed an offline mode, too!

Fit Minds

Fit Minds is a great organization that helps exercise the brains of people with dementia. One of their programs allows coaches to follow their client's progress over time. They had a platform built a few years ago, that required a fresh new look. They also wanted to add more functionality and switch their business model to a subscription-based one.

This client has a very valuable database of cross-reference part numbers for the trucking industry. He'd like to make that content accessible only to members who pay a subscription. A nice integration of a light custom API app with a custom WordPress plugin.

Lam Partners

After years of looking for an off-the-shelf solution to manage staff workload and project tracking, Lam Partners contacted me to design a custom platform for them.

Affair Clothing

The folks at Affair Clothing have a very specific process for managing customer orders. Their existing system had become very slow, especially for their suppliers in different countries around the world. They also wanted to freshen up the interface of the app, and bring it more to today's standards.

PWA Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage rules and taxation can be very complex in some regions of the world. This real estate company wanted to have a handy web-based calculator they could use with their clients to figure out exactly how much their new property was going to cost them. The catch? The web-based app needed to be accessible offline!

Base64 Image Encoding Plugin

Base64 Images is a simple plugin to encode your media images on your site. Base64 encoding of images can have some SEO benefits for your site. This is an OpenSource project of mine, a very simple WordPress plugin to base64 encode images on a WordPress site, automagically.

Activate the plugin, and images in the media library are magically encoded on your site. De-activate it and you are back to normal.


As a web agency, WPExpert manages quite a few passwords, site accesses, and the likes. They needed a nice, central place to keep all that very sensitive information, and asked me to help build a white-labeled application they could not only use for themselves, but re-sell to other agencies.