Making your app has never been so pleasant|serene|satisfying|enjoyable|engaging

Jean Le Clerc, owner of nibnut

Hi! I'm Jean. I make web apps.

Apps come in many forms, and they're everywhere. Your business certainly can benefit from an app, be it one for your internal use, or one to interact with your clients. Making an app is a journey, and it really ever ends when you put an end to it: an app can grow forever, if you let it.

My job is to help you through the journey, and make you the best app money can buy. There’s no better app than one made in collaboration: I know all about the app world, you know all about your business. We both need each other for this project to succeed.



Making an app is a big undertaking. It is scary.
The last thing I want is you worrying about the work getting done, or if you'll get support after you've paid me.
You'll get weekly status report on our project, and 6-12 months of free bug fixes guarantee.*
I've got your back.
(* duration is based on project size and complexity)

Can do

Can do

We can do anything. Nothing's impossible as long as we know all the facts before we make a decision.
I've worked with many types of businesses, and built all sorts of different apps; I'll share with you my experience and knowledge so you can decide what your app should do and how it should do it.
Sky truly is the limit.



I like apps that are simple, clean and easy to use. If you need a manual to use my apps, I’ve failed somewhere along the way.
The tricky part is that "simple" is subjective and cultural: that's why I sit down with you and the users of the app, to try and come up with a product that will just feel right.
Your app should adapt to you - not the other way around.

Working with Jean was truly a pleasure. He quickly proved his ability to understand my needs (even if I don't), and create a solution that is clean, intuitive, and super simple to use. I really appreciate his patience, thoroughness, and ability to create such an easy to operate app. I look forward to working with Jean to further grow this awesome app that he has created for our business.

Thank you Jean, you have created an excellent app for us.

Prestige Security Doors

Prestige Security Doors builds custom screen doors for their clients. They needed a solution that allowed them to track the production of each door from measurements at the client's house, through the multiple steps of the production chain, all the way to the installation and customer follow-up call. But because the network connection isn't always reliable while measuring door openings, they needed an offline mode, too!

Fit Minds

Fit Minds is a great organization that helps exercise the brains of people with dementia. One of their programs allows coaches to follow their client's progress over time. They had a platform built a few years ago, that required a fresh new look. They also wanted to add more functionality and switch their business model to a subscription-based one.

Lam Partners

After years of looking for an off-the-shelf solution to manage staff workload and project tracking, Lam Partners contacted me to design a custom platform for them.

Jean is incredible to work with. Such a nice guy, very honest, does good work, and is very quick to turn around options or updates. We had a wonderful working relationship and will continue hiring him for further work!

I always look forward to working with Jean. He has helped me with a number of projects, including my website. His unique approach, positive demeanour and uplifting spirit is always a treat. I know when I bring a problem to him, he'll have a crafty solution and he'll take the time to make sure I understand it as well. When you work with Jean, you're enlisting his vast skill set and expert problem-solving abilities, but on top of that, it also feels like you're collaborating with an old friend — someone you could easily chat with all evening over some pints.