Fit Minds
Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Therapy coaches can manage therapy sessions and their customers' progression over time.

Fit Minds understands the need for human connection, and aim at building social connections and healthy social networks between coaches and their customers. And since everyone is unique, they have created an extensive library of exercises to fit just about any individual.

Cognitive stimulation therapy coaches who serve in retirement communities, long term care facilities and individuals' homes subscribe to their software as a service (SaaS) to tap into this vast library of exercises, classified by category. They can also manage their therapy sessions, trask their clients' progression over time and share that progression with the client's loved ones.

The Project

Nicole came to me with a very simple and common problem: after 4 years, there were enough little annoyances with their platform to warrant a new phase of development. Plus, the way they did business with their coaches had also evolved, and given them new ideas for the app. Since there original developer was no longer available, she was referred to me by another one of my clients to take over the project.

As is my custom, we sat down along with her day to day operations team, and brainstormed about what the new version could be. We came down with 3 main items we wanted to include in the platform 2.0:

  1. Freshen-up the user interface, and focus on usability: coaches are not all tech-saavy, so easy to use was key. A lot of bells and whistles in v1 were not/under-used, so we could also simplify the interface so it wasn't as daunting.
  2. Add a few new features, that bubbled-up on our brainstorm list as "must haves", like allowing multiple coaches per client, better classification of the activities, and visualize coaches statistics at the organizational level.
  3. Connect to their online accounting system, so the invoicing and subscription handling could all be automated.

The Results

The new version of the platform got a fresh look and airier interface, both pleasing on the eye and easy to use - no matter what your level of comfort with technology, and we gave better reporting and more powerful tools to coaches and administrators.

  • A powerful dashboard gives a quick overview of upcoming appointments, recently completed ones, etc.
  • Organization administrators can now see each of their coach's stats and date book, at a glance.
  • Activities are now classified into finer-grained categories, for a better customization of each therapy session.
  • Session reports are automatically generated and sent to the client's loved ones, so they can follow their progression.
  • The accounting is now all automated, freeing up more time internally to generate new activities for coaches.

Jean was able to take our vision and make it a reality. He was easy to work with and incredibly responsive to helping us manage the complete overhaul of our application. He took the time to really listen to what we wanted to achieve, asked really good questions so he could understand what we wanted and then created an intuitive system that was easy to use and navigate. During the testing and roll-out phase he was quick to make changes and fix unforeseen problems. We were able to be super responsive to our clients because of Jean’s support. We are lifelong clients (and now huge fans!)

Nicole Scheidl
Image by Markus Spiske