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WP Expert offers SEO-optimized WordPress web design. Their designers will guide you through the whole design process, and pay special attention to standards and user experience. This along with their effort to produce blazing fast websites that Google loves, makes for one of the most pleasant web design experience out there.

But they go even further: once designed, that site needs to be nurtured and maintained. The WP Expert team also offers unparalleled maintenance plans so their clients can focus on their business - not their website - and reap the rewards of a good, visible and high-ranking presence on the web.

The Project

After 20 years of experience, Frédéric had developped robust processes to manage his clients' websites, and had found a collection of tools to help him do the job. But it was starting to feel like a messy toolbox indeed...

The problem was twofold:

  1. Some tools weren't quite fitting the bill, and he just couldn't find the perfect fit: some made him pay for features he didn't use, some were missing features he needed.
  2. It was also becoming cumbersome to manage all these different logins and different user interfaces.

And so we set our goals:

  1. Give him a quick overview of his business
  2. Design our own, simplified monitoring of his customer's websites and domains
  3. Make it easy for him to see global-, client- and site-level stats anywhere in the app
  4. Integrate with QuickBooks Online to make billing easier and faster

The Result

A beautiful custom app, fitted to Frédéric's own way of working, means he can go about his maintenance tasks more quickly. With his additional free time, he can now offer his exceptional service to more clients, and the statistics mean he can better identify where to give his business additional love.

  • Frédéric now has a solid tool to grow his business even further: adding new team member is easy, and eases them into the WP Expert's process and way of doing things
  • A better, more focused and customized monitoring of his websites allow for quicker turn around times and less false positive.
  • Reliable, precise monitoring data for client report generation.
  • Integrated accounting means less work keeping data in sync between services and tools.

I have worked with Jean for many years now and I can only say good things about his services. They are top-notch and Jean is so details oriented, he will recommend functionalities or give you additional information you didn’t even think about! He is the best developer I have worked, and keep working, with. I continue to develop my application, for more than a year now, and the support is perfect and very responsive when we are looking to add a feature or new functionality. I highly recommend nibnut’s services.

Frédéric Sune