How much does it cost to make an app? It depends… I know it sounds like a cop-out, but let me ask you this: how much does it cost to build a house? Or buy a car? You just don’t know enough about the house, the car or the app to reliably answer the question.

That being said, here are some broad ranges to give you an idea:

  • Custom WordPress plugin: $2,000 - $6,000
  • Custom Web Application: $5,000 - $20,000
  • Mobile Application: $8,000 - $85,000

Too broad a range? Let's chat specifics, so I can give you a better estimate!

Jean is a fantastic guy. He goes the extra mile to validate things, and in the process find errors in my specifications. A great analytical thinker, and someone who understands requirements very well.

Daniel Park (Parramatta, Australia)

Jean and I have been working together as a team for over ten years and he has been instrumental in getting my app business off the ground. Starting with an innocuous request to update a single script to solve a particular problem, we were able to create a business that has scaled to serve hundreds of online retailers. Jean possesses the rare ability to create products out of my ideas, which were very often vague and poorly communicated. If a better solution required learning new stuff or a different approach, he'd be the one to suggest it. He takes great pride in his craft and is always looking out for our clients. It's been a great journey with a great person!

I've had the pleasure of hiring Jean from Nibnut for several web-based design projects over the last year. In every case he has gone above and beyond in all aspects -- Planning, implementation, and training to just name a few. His communication has been excellent, and he has been quick to address bugs & issues we find during testing. He has been able to take our concepts and turn them into reality. I can't recommend Jean enough, and I can say one thing for certain: Hiring Jean will be one of the best decision you make!