Getting Started

It’s easy - and risk free - to get started. Drop me a line with a short description of your needs. If you have a business website, please include its URL so I can learn a bit more about the business behind the person.

I’ll reply to you within 48 hours, and we can schedule a free, one hour chat (Skype, phone, coffee shop, …) to better flesh out what it is you will need. I’ll answer any question you might have about app making - or myself.

If we’re both happy with this first contact, we’ll proceed: usually that means booking my an exploratory session. I offer this exploration as a neat little package:

  1. 2-3 hours of brainstorming, to establish what the app will do, how it will function, etc. Very pleasant part, I assure you: sky’s the limit! We will leave with a list of the best ideas/features to build a first version of your app.
  2. I will produce a detailed specifications document, that you will be able to use to shop around.
  3. I will produce my estimate of the work required to make your app a reality.

The price for this is $ 500 (+ tx, if applicable) and you are left with a very clear idea of the work needed to grow your app. You can then take that document and shop around, get estimates from other developers and find the best fit for you.

If you hire me for the job, that amount will be deducted from the final price.

Do you want a bit more details about the whole process of "growing" a nibnut app? Check out this handy infographic...